Intensive English Immersion in Aix en Provence

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Aix en Provence intensive Immersion English courses – learn English quickly!
Intensive English Immersion in Aix en Provence

Many people in France have the desire to learn English effectively, but will not give time to produce concrete results.
However most of the french go on vacation for a week or two each year… imagine if you could go vacation with experience in enriching English language?
Rather than travel overseas, why not take a week of vacation to seriously improve your English with courses of intensive English in Aix en Provence

Campus Immersion accompanies you in your desire to make rapid progress in English training with our native English coaches with specially adapted intensive English courses.

We offer Three solutions according to your budget for your project for English training…

Super intensive English Aix en Provence – courses similar the progress enjoyed whilst in English immersion abroad

9 hours per day.


The meal in English with your trainer

The afternoons

Intensive English course Aix en Provence – spend all day training the developmement of your English

7 hours per day.


A one hour lunchbreak

The afternoons

Semi-intensive English course Aix en Provence – invest time to progress in English without penalizing your professional activity

3-4 hours per day

Morning or afternoon

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